About Córdoba - Argentina

Córdoba: Cradle of Entrepreneurs, Hub of Exporters

Located in the geographic center of the Argentine Republic, Córdoba constitutes a strategic point for regional connections and the integration between member countries of the Common Market of the South (in Spanish, MERCOSUR).

Its rich natural resources, diversified production, consolidated industries with an established export history, available infrastructure, technological development, and large number of professionals and skilled workers make Córdoba the most important production hub in the interior of the country.

These possibilities endow the Córdoba companies with a strong advantage when it comes to engaging in foreign trade.

  • Member of the Central Region: Córdoba, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos comprise a subnational territorial integration bloc which houses 20 percent of the country's population. The purpose of the bloc is to promote economic, social, human, healthcare, education, scientific, knowledge and cultural development.
  • Strategic location: Córdoba is not only on the Bioceanic Corridor, but also at the center of the main roads in the country. It thus constitutes the perfect spot for connections with the rest of the country, and with most of the countries in Mercosur. An international airport, ideal access points, logistic support services, hotels, restaurants and pubs, and world-class universities all contribute to making Córdoba one of the main destinations in the interior of the country.
  • Resources and entrepreneurship: the province is a center of business and a highly rich area for agriculture and animal farming, as well a hub for industrial activity and technological services and development. Also known for its extensive research and development, strong technological structure, human resources and skilled labor, the province's top strengths are productive diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, and the mission to generate added value with each development.
  • Córdoba and the five continents: the province is proud to say that its export destinations are spread across all continents around the world. Córdoba's goods and services have reached America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia/Oceania, and are gaining a stronger and stronger hold in markets in hundreds of countries around the globe.
  • - It represents 9 percent of Argentina's GDP
  • - 1st producer of peanut, corn and soybean
  • - 2nd producer of sorghum and swine
  • - 3rd producer of cattle, wheat and sunflower
  • - 6,200 industries
  • - 14 universities
  • - 250,000 university students
  • - 98.5% percent literacy rate